Interstitial Ads Generate 25X Views #Quickie

“After analyzing more than 12,000 app-download campaigns run on the InMobi network over the last six months and comparing the conversion performance across traditional banners and interstitials for different types of content, we found interesting results: On Android, banner ads delivered the best conversions for lifestyle content (2.02%), while interstitials delivered the best conversion for games (3.04%). On iOS, banner ads worked best for classified content (2.7%) while interstitials delivered maximum conversions for social and entertainment apps (2.71% and 2.26%).”

“… video ads are supposedly scheduled to hit the desktop version of the social network first, then could be rolled out to mobile. According to AdAge, the ads will most likely play 15 seconds, could be targeted to certain users, and may even have an auto-audio function. On the desktop version, the ads are expected to get users’ attention by expanding out of the site’s news feed into the left and right columns.”




Hyperloop Hyperdrive #Quickie

“It’s been just over a week since Detroit filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history and, so far, there are more questions than answers about how this will all shake out. On Wednesday, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge ruled Detroit’s Chapter 9 filing can proceed but local unions, pension funds and other creditors will continue to try and stop the process.”

“The project, which is scheduled for completion in 2029, with trains capable of travelling at over 200 miles per hour linking the two cities in under three hours, is set to cost more than $60 billion. The United States has never enjoyed a reputation for high-quality rail networks, but Elon Musk is especially critical of the new venture. He argues that this California project for the first US high-speed rail system is both the most costly and the least efficient in the world. The Hyperloop is being touted as an alternative, not only to the train, but also to other means of transport, in terms of both cost and efficiency.”

“…an average Al who hasn’t signed into Yahoo for 12 months won’t be able to keep squatting on prime real estate come next month. Yahoo might free up that coveted name space for the millions of other Als–or wannabe Als—who might like to use the moniker. That should cut down on the number of users forced to use strings of numbers in their ID, whether it’s used for email or fantasy football.”



Salesforce Acquires ExactTarget #Quickie

“ [CRM platform] … and ExactTarget, a leading cloud marketing platform, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which will acquire ExactTarget in a transaction valued at approximately $2.5 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, will commence a tender offer for all outstanding shares of ExactTarget for $33.75 per share, in cash. The transaction has been unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies.”

“’s acquisition of ExactTarget will further its mission of being the world’s leading CRM platform—one that enables companies to transform how they connect with their customers across sales, service, and marketing. By combining ExactTarget’s leading digital marketing capabilities with’s leading sales, service and social marketing solutions, will create a world-class marketing platform across email, social, mobile and the web.”

“…the deal is a win for (SFDC). It brings SFDC market-leading campaign execution capabilities to round out SFDC access to customers (and their data) across the decision cycle. For B2B marketers, especially those already using ET’s Pardot, the deal brings good integration and development possibilities. But the deal goes much further than B2B, and it isn’t so rosy for ET’s B2C customers.”

“The dramatic increase in consumer and business use of social networks, mobile devices, and new digital technologies is causing a revolution in marketing, as budgets previously spent on traditional media are now moving to digital campaigns. Gartner estimates that by 2015 consumer technology companies will have switched one-third of their traditional marketing budgets to digital*, and CMOs will outspend CIOs on information technology by 2017**.”



Galactic Payments on the Horizon #Quickie

“There are already work-centric social experiences on mobile devices, but Anchor doesn’t just want to be another Yammer or Salesforce. This app (iOS and web only right now) is aimed at helping coworkers to connect better while sharing content and ideas. Anchor allows users to post photos (with hipster filters), videos, links, and anything else that might be of use on the job. You can also comment on your coworkers’ activity. Although, the symbol of approval on Anchor isn’t a thumbs up or +1—it’s a rock-on sign. A built-in chat feature can help everyone stay in sync as well.”

“Getting started with Hangouts Remote Desktop is pretty basic. We just gave it a test drive, and everything went smoothly. The feature can be installed as an app in the hangout itself. It’s found under the “Add Apps” tab on the left of the screen. Once one person enables Remote Desktop, the other party can choose to accept or reject it. Now you’re free to click around the other person’s screen.”




Mobile Killed the Console Star (Xbox One vs PS4) #Quickie

“‘For now, Google is playing it safe on facial recognition. ‘As Google has said for several years, we won’t add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place,’ Google said. ‘With that in mind, we won’t be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time.'”

“It’s not just that games are moving to mobile, but that gaming has slowly and inexorably become central to the mobile device industry. Based on statistics involving how mobile users spend their time and money, I’d argue that mobile games have reached the point where they are now the single most important activity on mobile devices.”

“In addition to all the editing and social networking features of Vine for iOS, the Android version of the app is getting something unique — zooming support. The Vine team also promises further updates in the weeks ahead, including front-facing camera support, search, mentions, hashtags and Facebook sharing.”

“Specifically, Khare’s work with supercapacitors could make a difference in the design and performance of smartphone batteries, which, in turn, could help make flexible smartphones a reality. According to Tech News World, Khare’s design involved a hydrogenated titanium dioxide core, which, when combined with its polyaniline shell, increases both capacitance and density, essentially meaning the battery could create more energy and store it for longer. In a test, Khare’s supercapacitor boasted a capacitance of 238.5 Farads per gram, a substantial improvement from the 80 Farads per gram achieved with alternative designs.”



Cartridge Myth Blown Wide Open #Quickie

“With advertisers willing to pay a premium to run commercials alongside high-quality content, Mayer is seeking to add videos across Yahoo’s products. Hulu, owned by News Corp., Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp., offers free reruns of television shows and movies and provides newer programming and earlier access through an $8-a-month service.”

“TheFacebook was very much conceived as an academically focused enterprise. Rather than being described as a social network from the get-go, it’s instead marketed as an ‘expanding online directory that connects students, alumni, faculty and staff through social networks at colleges and universities.’ There was no hint that the network would ever expand beyond that focus. The plan was to ‘expand to include most of the schools in the United States.'”

“Adobe announced … that it will no longer sell boxed versions of its software, or even the option to buy individual programs from the popular suite. And Adobe is dropping the well-known Creative Suite (most often abbreviated to CS), shifting all the programs under the “Creative Cloud” brand that it uses for Web apps, to reflect that it’s not interesting in leaving the cloud any time soon.”

“Although many of us likely spent hours patiently removing the cartridges, blowing on them, and shoving them back in, it turns out this seemingly foolproof strategy didn’t make the games work better.”




Rapping In Binary #Quickie

“Rap Genius started out as a site meant to allow hiphop fans to annotate rap lyrics to explain their meanings. Over time, it’s expanded to other, non-lyrical texts; just this morning, they disclosed plans to break into annotating breaking news. In the future, it plans to make money by building a collaborative document annotiation tool for businesses called ‘Enterprise Genius.'”

“In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee developed a technology to help physicists in universities and institutes around the world share information. On April 30, 1993, the European science agency CERN — where Berners-Lee worked — officially made Berners-Lee’s W3 software public domain, letting the public at large access it.”

“Like any recent gadget on the market, the race to jailbreak Google Glass was on as soon as the device was announced. Now that the Explorer Edition, which is just another way to say that they’re still kind of testing things, is out, folks are fast at working trying to bend and not break it. For anyone that thought it might take any real length of time: Surprise! Google Glass has already been jailbroken.”

“First off, I am not just being provocative or tongue-in-cheek here. I really do not believe these glasses are anything but an elaborate practical joke on the part of Google and the Google Glass project. Will they ship? Yes, there are 1,000 units in testing now and Google reps say Google will ship them for real next year. Will they set the world on fire? I doubt it. Will they make a huge percentage of the population look like idiots? Totally.”



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Mobile Music Metamorphosis #Quickie

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“Twitter’s new app, which is separate from its primary social network, helps users find music based on the bands and artists they follow. The app suggests bands you might like, and it shows what music the people you follow are currently listening to. Users can also search popular music enjoyed by the universe of other app users, and Twitter surfaces what it calls “emerging” trends and artists.”

“Human Rights Watch is calling for an international treaty banning the development, production, and use of fully autonomous weapons, as well as local laws against them. It says killer robots would lack “human judgment and the ability to understand context,” and create an “accountability gap” around robot actions: who would be responsible for use of lethal force, the programmer, manufacturer, or military commander? It also fears a “robot arms race” could prompt nations to engage in war more easily since military casualties could be mitigated. In other words, if robots are doing the fighting, it’s that much more easy to start a fight.”

” … Netflix use accounts for 33 percent of all downstream traffic in North America during the peak hours between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. By contrast, Amazon and Hulu only account for 1.8 percent and 1.4 percent of downstream traffic, respectively. During peak time, 65 percent of all fixed-line data traffic across North America is delivered through audio- or video-streaming services, so Netflix accounts for a little over half of that. All told, average monthly data usage in North America across wired connections has more than doubled from 23GB last year to 51GB this year, according to the report.”


How Google+ Will Change Social Data #Quickie

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“An investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in February was temporarily thwarted when the surveillance targets began using Apple’s encrypted iMessage system, according to a document leaked to Cnet. The intelligence note entitled “Apple’s iMessages: A Challenge For DEA Intercept,” reported on an investigation by the DEA’s San José branch office found that it was “impossible to intercept iMessages between two Apple devices” using “traditional trap and trace devices, pen register devices, or wiretapping data collection through Title III interceptions.”

“Google is announcing that American Idol, Universal Music Group, Fox Broadcasting company, and hundreds of other partners are doing Google+-flavored sign-ins. The service had around 10 partners at its launch; now, through middleman-like service providers including Gigya and Janrain, it’s expanding its reach by an order of magnitude and then some.”

“To help startups unlock the elusive user mindset, Erli Bird connects fledgling companies with early adopters. The platform puts early stage companies in touch with people interested in trying out their products.”

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How This Irish Startup Helps Vloggers Monetize Content #CruxFlux

“Based in the Digital Hub in Dublin, VideoScamp is a new startup changing the way ecommerce retailers engage with video. A product video is the new product image. VideoScamp are revolutionising the way companies connect with producers of high quality video content.”

“The idea for VideoScamp was hatched from a University research project when the three founders were studying at Dublin City University. Currently based in the NDRC in Dublin and taking part in the Launchpad programme.”

“John Walsh has lived and worked in some of the most unusual countries on earth including Iraq, Afghanistan and Australia. A keen surfer, John lived in Hawii before returning to Dublin to study. His extensive experience in sales includes time spent managing sales teams across four continents.”

John Walsh
Co-Founder, VideoScamp


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Bussing SX on the #MIFFTBUS #SXSW

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